Credentials-Business Focus

  • Alabama Certified Woman/ Minority Owned Business
  • Dean, Community College Finance and Facilities Management
  • Certified Defense Financial Manager, Department of Defense
  • Alabama Certified Law and Curriculum Certificate
  • Alabama Certified Chief Financial Officer
  • Certified Cost Analyst, Institute of Cost Analysis
  • Management Analysis Officer Certification, US Air Force Technical Training School
  • Department of Defense Financial Management Professional Institute Certification
  • Executive Quality Leadership Certification, US Office of Personnel Graduate School
  • Internal Control Management Assessment

Credentials-Educational Focus

  • Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) Educational Leadership
  • Certified Evaluator, Professional Education Personnel Evaluation (PEPE) System, State of Alabama
  • Personnel Evaluation System Expert
  • Alabama Department of Education Coordinator, Priority Schools Improvement Task Force
  • MBA
  • School Improvement Grant External Evaluator
  • External Evaluator for Teacher Incentive Pay Programs
  • Facilitator, Unitary Status for Public Schools
  • External Evaluator for Federal Programs
  • CASE Development Certification for Deans
  • Principal Investigator, US Office of Education, Grants Management


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